Before going to Email marketing tools ,we should be clear about what actually email marketing means and work ?

Email , itself has an image that people do use it for commercial communication or for official work .We haven’t seen that people do use emails for general talk or for chatting like other apps
like WhatsApp and Facebook ,etc.

From the start we do use this platform at a commercial level only. Also Emails are being used for Email Marketing Tools purposes.

  • Ultimately to promote services and products to potential customers .
  • It also helps to connect to the people already have engaged in our business cycle.
  • To build trust
  • Brand awareness
  • Update facilities
  • Keep connected

But here this “BUT” matters the most. Like us there might be hundreds of email hitting their inbox everyday .

  •  here it’s important to track whether our emails get opened or not
  • Some actions have been taken by them or not !
  • Which email has got positive response ?

This multiple questions /queries do arrive while we are investing our time and efforts behind this campaign.

– For getting rid of all this queries ,
“Email Marketing Tools have been used by different Marketers to use this medium /channel successfully.

Email Marketing Tools

There are multiple effective and best tools are available in market shows their presence online.

Below is given a list of some of those tools.
1. Omnisend
2. MailChimp
3. Litmus
4. Reach mail
5. Target Hero
6. Sendlane
7. Active trail
8. Send X optisend
9. also SendinBlue
10. Hubspot
11. Cake mail
12. Mad Mimi
13. Flash issue
14. Drip
15. Constant contact
16. Server
17. I contact
18. Get response
19. Bench Mark
20. Campaigner
21. Yes ware
22. Active Campaign

23. Voila
24. Lead pages
25. Infusion soft
26. Tocit app
27. Vertical response
28. Ontraport
29. Campaign monitor
30. Clever reach
31. Mail Gun
32. Leadfeeder
33. Hunter
34. Sendloop

There are many more
tools available .
Do tell me which are they in the comment section.

In Detail features | Pricing | Email Marketing Tools.

1. Omnisend

Well we do enjoy and feel cherish
when we got everything in a singleshopping mall, isn’t it?
In the same way, this tool does give us chance to use multiple channels simultaneously not only email but also Facebook messenger, SMS messages, web push notifications, Whatsapp, viber.

It will give you a detailed report on the customers behaviour, how they browse and interact with you ( your company / brand ).

It gives you a brief idea about what’s working ,with its automation feature, you can use the highly targeted messages and can higher engagement rates.

Auto – reminder:
With the help of auto reminder, it does send a message if the previous email has not been opened yet.

Real time tracking :

It does tell about what people are actually searching ,helps in engaging them and let them remember you again.

Confirmation Automation:
This feature ,you all might have experienced while shopping online! You must be getting emails regarding confirmations about your orders, return, exchange, etc.

Pricing :

The pricing differs according to the user.

There’s a free trial available:
Basically the trial is of 14 days.
15,000 emails / month.
2000 emails / day .

For standard :
16 $ per month
All free services + some more services like related to Email and SMS

For Pro :
199 $ per month
Free services + Standard services + services regarding other platforms and segmentation services + automation services.

For Enterprise :
2000 $ per month
✓ Unlimited email can be send. Pro + more advanced services.

2. Mail Chimp :

Mail Chimp is an email marketingservice and a platform provides marketing automation.

Resonance :
They have more focus on what people actually looking for and they do plan personalized campaign according to what actually resonates with their clients.

Personal interests :

This tool helps to specify the age range, gender to make communicating easy with them. Helps to keep us updated with Real time performance.

Campaign provider :

With all the statistics they form after analysing everything they do provide campaigns and processes to follow with just one click with multiple new Email Marketing Tools to get a better step which follows better result.

Use of Contacts :

When we are talking about email here, it gives you an advantage to send postcards to your contact when you don’t have your emails with Email Marketing Tools.

Pricing :

Free trial :
12000 emails / month

For unlimited amount ,
The price starts from 10 $ .

For Auto- responders
One should have paid account.

3. Sendinblue

What’s new in it than the above both? This might be going on in your mind. It’s a platform which gives you access to sms services, landing pages, sign-up forms, CRM.

Connect them through chats :
While your clients are browsing and might have wanted to connect you; it gives you an advantage to give them quick solutions to their queries and close the deal successfully by chatting with them.

Autopilot Automation :

Yes, this feature has been given to save your time and to help you to concentrate on actual important stuff.

Also they enables that they will be available to you 24 /7 in need.

Less time more engagement :

The more targeted audience, the more focus on them; automated segmentation and email, SMS messages, you can even setup the deliverability for better engagement.

Pricing :

Free plans can give you a little access of the tool.
And as per the price increase more advanced facilities and tools provided can be utilised to level up.

From 300 mails / day for free

To 40k, 60k, 120k / month for three different levels; for 19 euro, 29 euro, 49 euro respectively.

With unlimited contacts and more advanced amenities with increasing prices.

4. Reach Mail

It’s an email software mainly emphasis on designs to impact more on users as per user experience.

Target Specific:
It helps to reach to the target audience without any obstacles like spam filters. Scheduled messages like a welcome message or birthday with the first name of clients can be done without running out of time.

More integrity:
It has given easy integration option with other apps ( Facebook, WordPress, Salesforce, Microsoft dynamics, Magento ) along with easy integration with websites by pop ups, etc.

Creative at their best :

They show creativity and reliability as well. They have designs which are mobile responsive which make them ease at using; provided with updates detail form so as to changed email address can be registered by users easily.

Pricing :

The free service has
5k contacts, 15k email volume.

Again the charges started from 10$, 40$, 70$, 180$, 360$, 599$. As per the with varying number of emails volume and contact and more facilities.

5. i contact :

It’s an email marketing tool with immense features listed
below :

Email Marketing Consultant :

They have provided their own consultant and have given option to contact them and get suggestions and plans.

Amazing lookbook :

They have 55+ email designs for different industries; with different templates for both desktop and mobile, also there is no need of html knowledge to do any adjustments. Easy drag and drop can be done.

Total Guide :
A total guide related to strategy, statistics, everything related to email marketing has been just a call way in this tool.

Pricing :

The pricing starts from 14$/month.
11.90/monthwith Annual pay
For Pro – Automation
Starts from 99$/month
84.15 $/monthwith annual pay .

6. Drip :

Drip has several features to be noticed.
Personalised email :
They do help you with personalized messages for buyers who interact for the first time,who returns or who has things in their cart .

Tracking capabilities:
It also do have awesome customer tracking capabilities which ultimately helps in building relationships and by using segmentations, it simplifies the process.

Pricing :

Free trialsavailable.
Starts from 49$ / month.

7. Litmus

Multiple work :
It’s not only an email marketing tool but also used for testing purposes.

Easy to use :
It’s easy to use, html changes can be done in it .edit changes is simplified .

Previews :
Previews can be taken at the same time after customising very easily .

Pricing :

Free trial: 7 days
Starts from:

99$ / month .

8. Get response :

Readymade funnels :
You can build a new campaign with their readymade funnels, it’s a new feature added.

Services :
Readymade workflow, high converting landing pages, automation .

Multiple platforms in :

Shows integration with Magento, slack, etc.

Pricing :

Free trial: 30 days
Basic plan: 15$/ month.

9. Aweber :

Pop ups and sign ups :
This can be added to our website to collect more n more emails of our viewers.

Dashboard :
Helps to track andmeasure the progress of campaign. Also provides customisable templates and Mobile responsive designs.

Pricing :

Free trial: 30 days

Basic plan:

10. Cake Mail :

Customised theme, fonts, colour :

Yes, cake Mail is actually made for helping small business with their customised theme, fonts, colour options with ease.

Library :

It has provided with lots of block of content for your marketing emails.

Pricing :

Free trial: Available
Basic: 8$/ month.

11. Active Trail

Languages used :
It will give access to 5 languages English, french, German, Spanish, Hebrew.

Helps in creating Strategy :
With different marketing automation, landing pages, pop ups, design templates, it does help to create better strategy.

Customer Support :
It does provide customer support with webinars.

Pricing :

Free trial: 30 days.
Starts from9$ / month.

12. Mail Gun:

Transactional email tool :
It helps to send transactional emails or we may say bulk emails .

Integrated API:
It is a cloud based service for sending, receiving, tracking emails like said above transactional emails.

A/B test :
With the help of this data, you can track or analyse and manage your emails.

Pricing :

Free trialprovides :
First 10k emails / month.

Starts from
$ 79 / month.

13. Leadfeeder

Visitor tracker :

Once a visitor come to your platform, it will track all the data of your visitor that can help you to connect with them in a better way.

Increasing Sales :
As leedfeed integrates CRM as well as email marketing tool which helps to get a clear idea about increasing sales.

Pricing :

Free trial: available
Starting from59$/ month.

14. Zoho Mail

Ad free tool :
It’s a platform free from Ad’s.

Multiple functions :
It provides good hold on functions like Group Management, email restrictions( block unwanted emails ), etc.
● Individual Quota can be set .
● Manage incoming and outgoing emails.
But this all comes with an Office suite and Zoho Docs.

Pricing :



15. Infusionsoft :

History provider :
This platform provides all customer related data at one place alone with your communication history with them.

Differentiating :
It does differentiate all the data in different categories so as to easy access and to make automation easier.

Pricing :

Free trial: available
Starting from: 99$

16. Active Campaign

Optimize campaign :
You can personally design your campaign with given drag and drop options which ultimately helps you in


Segmentation and engagement :
By personalizing the message, you can engage them more with segmentation.

Pricing :

Free trial: available
Starting from
17$/ month .

17. Constant Contact :

Look matters :
Here the main focus is on how great your email can look and influence more.

Import Data :
This can import client data and also spreadsheets easily.

Track clicks :
Real time click tracking, email opened, social sharing if any and much more.

Pricing :

Free trial: 30 days
Starting from: 5$ / month.

18. Mad Mimi

WYSIWYG Editor :
This editor provides professional grade email .

39 Social networking buttons access:
You have given access to buttons like share, pin, retweet, add links, ultimately easy access to social sharing.

Clone tool :
Yeah clone tool, just make an exact clone of your campaign, no need to make a new one.

Pricing :

$10/month – 500 contacts
$42/month – 10,000 contacts

19. LeadPages

It’s basically focus on Landing pages.

No to Code Language:
There is no need to know code language or any advanced technology to make influencing Landing pages.

Flexible :
This tool is easy and very flexible to use while customising the templates.

Pricing :

Plans change according to the need and advancement.

Starting from
$ 25/month.

20. BenchMark

Multiple templates :

● For giveaways, newsletter, greetings, etc templates are available.
● You can even use HTML and CSS for more personalized theme.

Vote :
There is a voting system community, who does vote your designs and you get benefited to next updates if got more votes.

Value Customers :
As they value the views of customers defines that they value them.

Pricing :

Starting: 600 emails : $ 9.95/month

2500 emails : 19.95/month

21. Flashissue

Instant emails :

When you sign up with Facebook or Google, the newsletter get emailed to your contacts in just the next 5 minutes.

Customised content :
Here you can have summaries provided by Flashissue and in addition you can customise their title, description as per your convenience.

Pricing :

Free plan: 25contacts/month /unlimited emails.

Group plans: $5/month with 250 contacts.
Premium account range: $20 and $50.

Integration with Constant Contact and MailChimp do unlock a host of extra features.

22. Vertical Response

It gives you html as well as email wizard option if you are not good with html to make more advertising designs.

Building Emails:
If you want to have an impact on your company website and graphics, you have freeform HTML editor to use.

Pricing :

Free: 4k emails/month : 1k contacts.

23. Voila Nobert :

2 unique services :
It does provide email verifying and email finding services, where email finding as the accurate email finder ( as per ahrefs ).

Clean email list :
With the email verifying tool, you will have a potential email list with good sender score.

Pricing :

50 free credits : email finding service.
$ 0.003 /email in bulk.

And the price varies according to your needs.

24. Campaigner

Contact management :
It is also known as a contact management tool which is second to none or one of the best.

Filters :
Our contact and email list can be sorted with the help of filters according to our needs. Make it easier.

Reports :
All stats or report can be got by email or spreadsheet.

Pricing :

Free trial : Available
Starting : $20/month.

25. Yes ware

Follow ups:
Yes ware is quite like your app, here sales team manages and take follow ups, track all client behaviour.

Transparency :
When we talk about personalized campaign, yes ware gives us transparency moves like it does help us know who opened the Email Marketing Tools, when, forwarded or replied, almost everything.

Pricing :

Free trial: 30 days

Find it useful?
What else can we add in it ?
Want to know about it more?
Do you want to know how to use these tools effectively?

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BCA Project Topics Selection Steps

Candidates who have pursued Bachelor of Computer Applications applications will have to submit a project report as part of their syllabus. The key steps in developing the project are technology selection, topic selection, summary creation, project coding, and project report writing in the areas of embedded systems, on-demand business transformation, online customer decision support, etc.

Steps for BCA project selection

Step 1: Technology selection

Before choosing a topic, candidates should analyze the latest versions of the technology available and select the viable ones as per their requirements. Some of the well known technologies used in project development are .NET, SGL Server, Oracle, PHP and Java.

Step 2: Subject Selection

After selecting the right technology, candidates should decide the specific area of ​​study in which they want to create the project / software. It is better to choose subjects that meet all the criteria mentioned by the university as well as the requirements of the industry. Candidates can seek advice from their teachers / mentors.

Step 3: Create a summary
At this stage the candidates should learn the technical side of the subject. As a part they have to follow the software development cycle. They should learn the functional and impractical aspects of the project. They are advised to keep in mind the university guidelines while writing the summary.

Step 4: Project coding
Candidates can avail technical assistance at this stage. They will have to start the second phase of project development.

Step 5: Project Report
This is the last step, in which candidates are required to prepare a project report. It should contain the entire design documentation. A good project report can be copied to a compact disc as well as a hardbound copy as required by the university/institution.

Our expertise teaches things properly about project development. They believe in deep knowledge and also take more practice in coding. They focused on all the core things which you will understand properly.

BCA Final Year Project Topics:

  • Hotel Management System VB Net
  • Human Resources Management System VB Net
  • Inventory System VB Net
  • Membership Management System VB Net
  • Patient Care System VB Net
  • Send SMS To Cell Phone Through SMTP Mail VB Net
  • Trainee Management System VB Net
  • Cryptographically Using Secure Server/Client Protocol VC++

For more details or queries contact us

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