Tired of Typing – Need not to worry about, “Voice Search Optimization” will impact Digital Marketing soon.

Innovations keep pouring in, improving the quality of life, opening up new opportunities, and urging businesses to catch up. The next big innovation that is poised to change the Internet experience is voice search.

According to market analysts by the end of 2020, almost 50 % of searches will be impacted by voice search. It will exorbitantly increase your search ranking. Now, this is going to be the game-changer in the world of digital marketing.

Well before delving into the details of the impact of voice search in digital marketing, it’s very crucial to understand what is voice search?

What is voice search?

Let’s keep it simple. It’s a voice recognition technology and Rather than typing it gives us the flexibility to perform searches by speaking into devices, which can save time and effort, also it eases the access of the internet world.

Over the past several years, the popularity of smart devices such as speakers or smartphones such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home has gained popularity among the customers.

A couple of years back, usage of voice search scarcely impacted total searches. Voice search has already begun to impact many marketer’s SEO efforts. But today we’re seeing almost 20 %of searches done by voice commands only and the number is still rising. And it is vital for every brand to start producing content that can be effectively used by the voice search Assistant.

Why voice search SEO is a crucial player in the digital business world?

If we think about the digital marketing strategies that can impact your company’s success, and voice search use directly affects your digital marketing strategy, then the voice search trend inexorably affects your business. It can be positive or negative depending on your capability to adopt the changing landscape.

Why do we need voice search in digital marketing?

Voice search improves the user experience of search engines, by being faster and more convenient, and provides more accurate results. This means that, if your website content is optimized effectively, your business could be the first one a digital personal assistant suggests.

Let’s say you own a Garage in a fairly competitive area, if you do a standard Google search for ” Garage near me ” there are numerous results shown by Google.
However, if a family is in urgency to fix the problem of their car, then they might do a voice search “find the Garage as soon as possible”. If your website has a lot of relevant, optimized content and authoritative web pages, such as an emergency mechanic supplier service page and a variety of extensive blog posts on Vehicle maintenance, you could be the first company that comes up when they say, “Hey, Alexa, find a Garage near me who fixes engine failure.

How to optimize voice search for your website?

It’s been seeing that voice search has made reaching many audiences significantly harder, understanding exactly what users are looking for and how they are searching for it is key to creating content that successfully attracts organic voice search traffic to your website. voice search is typically characterized by questions, your content needs to be able to fit this demand.

Key Factors for the Voice Search Optimization

One of the most important ways to optimize for voice search is using natural language. Form queries into question phrases, Provide concise answers to questions, Target long-tail keywords, Think about user intent, Focus on action queries
Tighten up your local SEO schema, Ensure your website is fast, mobile-friendly, and secure, Make sure your Google My Business profile is completely filled out.

Since users of voice search are essentially having a conversation with their personal assistant device, your content should fit this context. Let’s say you own an insulation company. Take this common query: “Hey, Alexa, what is the best trending song today ?” In your content, you can use “What Is the Best trending song today ?” as a header before answering the question concisely. This is the best way u can have better chances to being top at the voice search

Users want specific results for their voice search query, now the long-tail keyword is the main player. Using keywords wisely is a necessary component to a successful SEO strategy regardless, so stick with content that provides useful, relevant information.

What we can Expect from Voice Search Marketing in the Future?

As we know, the fact that 20% of searches in the Google app are now done by voice, you can bet that voice search is on the rise in the marketing world, and it won’t stop anytime soon. As mentioned in the stats earlier, 50% of all web searches will be voice searches by 2020, according to ComScore.

No matter how well-designed it may be, your website will not get you the results you want if it suffers from slow load times; website speed is a more crucial key aspect in the SEO maze than you may think. Even a single seconds difference in load time can increase user abandonment by 32%, resulting in a sharp fall of conversions per each second delay.

Your speaking way and what you tend to search for are other major components known as the ability to learn” habits”.Not only your accent or vocal idiosyncrasies but also digital assistant devices track your search habits.

You are well known about, “how your newsfeed is suddenly covered in department store ads after you order earphones online”? This form of retargeting is making its way into voice search as well.

Google plans to make its technology omnipresent and seamless, meaning all voice commands devices have unified software solutions. To stand up with such a competitive market, your business needs to be on top of the latest technological advances and continue to adapt your SEO strategy in response to these developments.

Are you ready to implement voice search in your digital marketing? So let’s look at some benefits and challenges of it.

Benefits of Voice Search

1. A gift to the differently-abled people.
Many people are not able to operate mobile or computer as they are physically challenged. Now voice search opened the gateway of digital society for them

2. U don’t have to worry about spelling.
Most people lack the command of spelling writing. So don’t hesitate, it’s time to feel free and speak from your heart; because voice search definitely gonna solve your problem.

3. It’s a Timesaver
There are many people who have great ideas but when it comes to typing speed they lag somewhere. Typing can be painful and will bring discouragement because their functions much faster than their hands.

4. It’s the best note maker
Yes! U have heard right. Busy in some work but you want to submit your assignment or you wanna make a report? So keep calm, because voice search is gonna do this work for you.

Great things come with great challenges

1. struggle in language support and regional accent
When it comes to recognizing the English language it works quite smoothly. But when it comes to regional language it’s struggling somewhere.

There is no doubt voice search databases working to collect more local language and accent samples, but this issue is hindering the people who have a strong local accent to invest in voice search technology.

2. When it comes to understanding it creates Chaos.
Major hurdles it faces when it comes to understanding what users want to search or ask for.

Then the question arises, why put effort into talking with your search box when it only works a quarter of the time?

3. Delay caused by voice search.
So you are thinking, I have mentioned it as the time-saver; now I’m mentioning it as ” delay”. This can take a bit to recognize what is being said to it and this can be frustrating and may be responsible for breaking your thoughts flow.

Hope you got the clarity about the implementation benefits and challenges.


Voice search appears to be the future of SEO, Whether you’re already trying to embrace voice search or you’re reluctantly joining the party, one thing’s for sure, it isn’t something you can ignore. And it is best to come prepared. With some of these effective steps, you would be able to utilize voice search to your advantage.

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