Is it ever happens to you that you and your friend search for the same website.And suddenly your screen has an ad and your friend has a different one too? But you both cannot able to see the same ads to your screen. Why does this happen? What Is Targeted Advertising?

You can always see the ads in your search results. That ad you may find the interest in those particular things that you usually like it.
Do you have ever thought about it that how those ads come to you?

How can only you able to see ads?

Sometimes that’s ads may come from your known and nearer areas. Do those ads visible to all? Or to the person who does not belong to that part of the area?

Why this is happening?

This is part of targeted advertising and its types and techniques. This can make the ads to display to such place or person from belonging or they may find their interests. Here we are going to see how targeted advertising works and  ads are reaching to the relevant people. 

Targeted Advertising?

The targeted advertising in digital marketing is used to display ads to a specific audience. In which can be a particular demographic or a group that belongs to the particular category. Such as age group, gender, and location will be reached to relevant to the site audience.

There are some types of targeted advertising here we are going to see them:

Demographic targeting

To target the users specifically, using the data about them collected, as the characteristics of the customers such as their age, gender, salary, and nationality. For example, a salon business has to target the customers by their age group of 18-30. So the social media uses this information targeting by showing ads relevant to the user’s individual demographic on their account, this can show up in forms of banner ads or commercial videos.

Behavioral targeting

Mostly you observed at the online shopping website always target user’s behavioral, such as purchasing and browsing habits. For example, if you search for a dress, so you may see ads for dresses showing up on other sites that you view such as new sites.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual advertising is in use to targeting when the advertisers put ads in a specific place, based on the relative content present. It is in use across the different mediums. For example, reading the articles, purchasing things online that will use your location. This is usually going through an ad matching system. And also the behavior of the people, like their search queries and website they usually visit. This information  treated as indicators for the individual’s interests to guides the decisions about the ads that will be served.


It serves the ads to the particular audience that is present to that marketing geographical area or the specific location of potential buyers. It gives the different selection of the time, city, state or country can often constitute the niche market for certain products or services.

Social Media Targeting

It helps to targets the number of approaches to selecting the audience for the ads. For example, On Facebook, a mobile company might target specific ads based on user data such as gender, age group, and their interests or they might target users who like particular pages. Another approach is to serve ads to people based on pages and post that their friends have liked.


Retargeted advertising involves targeting the ads for specific products or services after people visit the website for the business. Retargeting is the technology behind ads that follow visitors from one site to another.

Time Targeting

Time targeting is in use to focuses on the idea of fitting in around people’s everyday lifestyles. It is important for displaying ads into their relevant scheduled time. For example, ads occur from 4 pm to 8 pm, which is people typically commute home from work.

Device Targeting

Has been pervasive online and most recently in the device setting. Devices like mobiles that allow more information about their location and time. This allows advertisers to produce advertisements that could cater to their schedule and a more specific changing environment.


Target advertising helps to reach your ads to the right people and tailor your campaigns to your audience preferences, so your ads perform better. Through this, you can spend less on your campaigns and get more conversions. Then you can use the insights to improve your campaigns.

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