Q. How can anyone use the Google Word Coach?

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Ans:- This game is not for desktop browsers, it works only for mobile users in their mobile browser. Once you can launch this game on your mobile, you will be able to see various questions on your mobile screen.
You also check description of this question with details. You just type Google word coach and start the quiz game, or just type a similar meaning of the word you want to see below that result you are also able to see the quiz with a scorecard.

Q. What is the reason behind developing this game?

Ans:- This is an easy to learn game with enhancing English vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.

Q. What type of question asked in Google word online game?

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Ans:- This game includes questions in the form of images and words. The word questions are usually synonyms and antonyms and in image type the question is like selecting the image fit with the word. You can check the meaning of an example of each word after every round. The level goes tougher with the higher level.

Q. What are the various levels of Google word coach?

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Ans:- This is a game with different levels testing your knowledge of vocabulary. After every correct answer, you move to the next tougher level, from beginner to expert. The level from beginner to perfection both has different levels of knowledge. This game tests your vocab significantly.

Q. When was Google Word Coach launched?

Ans:- In Feb 2018 Google word coach launched in non-English countries who often search similar worlds, translations and definition of English words.

Q. Is it possible to download Google world coach app?

Ans:- No, it is not possible to download, but you can play this game in your mobile feed by just typing it in your Chrome browser.

Q. Is it a free version?

Ans:- Yes, it is free for everyone. It is an excellent quiz game to learn lots of new words. No limitation of age group and gender.

Q. How many questions are asked in every round?

Google Coach 5 level
Ans:- google coach online game has individual round with 5 questions each time with score on upper left side.

Q. Does Google word game explains right answer?

Google Coach explain right answerAns: Word Coach Quiz perfectly explains every answer which is very beneficial for your vocabulary

Q: Does Google Word show images for quiz?

Ans: Yes, To make this quiz a fun learning experience, Google vocabulary coach asked question which are based on pictures.

Q: How can I Share My Score On Other App?

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Ans: It’s an easy process to share your excellent Google word score on any App, you can share it on various app.

Q. When you score 0 out 5?

google word coach score
When you score 0 out of 5 google word coach game ask you to Keep playing.

Q. When you score 1 out 5?

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When you score 1 out of 5 google vocabulary coach quiz ask you to give more efforts.

Q. When you score 2 out 5?

google word coach play primathink
When you score 2 out of 5 in google word online game, it rates you as great work.

Q. When you score 3 out 5?

play score
Ans: When you Score 3 out of 5 in google word quiz greets you with well done message.

Q. When you score 4 out 5?

Google Coach almost perfect
Ans: When you Score 4 out of 5 in word coach google game, it greets you with Almost Perfect.

Q. When you score 5 out 5?

 Coach perfection
Ans: When you Score 5 out of 5 in google vocabulary coach, it greets you with Perfection message.

Q: What’s the highest Score of google word quiz ?

word  highest score
Google word coach gives score to each of your level, more level you complete more your score increased.

Google word coach is an excellent game designed by google, it’s a great game which implies learn and fun concept. There are 5 question in every round and every round has different scoring. They also provide you with sufficient data about all the answer you gave with proper explanation. This game can speed up your Vocabulary learning. Everyone who is willing to learn something new must try Google Word coach game.