Google Trends is a good tool of google. The journey of this tool started with Google insights for search later on September 27, 2012, google merged google insights into google trends. It is mainly in using for analysis and trending searches.This shows how frequently a given search is entering into a Google search engine. We know nowadays the whole world is behind trends. Everyone wants to follow trends and as we know trends change day by day. So how to get known that what’s a trend going on, so here this tool help us out what’s a trend going on.

Google Trends Insights

The trending searches are using to examine people’s interests and opinions on specific topics. Google trends provide us with any topic-related data, including search volume index and geographical information about search engine users. With help of this tool, we can also compare two or more trending searches. The comparison makes our work easy, and we can find the proper trend through it. Data which is providing in google Trends is updated daily. Google trends also show us recent trending searches, and we also can search trends by year and year, what’s trending on Google is helping us to grow our business because of this tool. We can explore what is choice of people or what people want or what is need of people and using all this information we can grow our business.

Google trends analyze the popularity of top search queries in google search across the world in various regions and languages. It provide keyword-related data and give us trending searches. As we said, this tool is an analytical tool. The graph method which is using in the tool makes our work easy to analyze. Google trends help us to explore the world and also allow us to explore various opportunities which are best for us.  

How to use Google trend SEO tool?

We all know for a higher ranking of websites we must do proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of our website and for that Google, trends help us, following are some ways to use the Google Trends SEO tool.

Find Out New Trendy Topics

Find out new trending topics for your content, by using google trends we can explore what people want and then add those topics in your content to make your website trendy. Identify trending topics or subtopics which are needed by people.

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To know Demand And Need of People

Google is the world’s most popular search engine, many people use Google for searching, shopping, etc. almost every people use Google, so it gets easy to know about people need through Google that’s why we can use Google trends to know more about demand and need of people of the various region and SEO means to increase the visibility of our website so if we use Google trends for SEO we can easily target people after knowing the need of people we can easily reach to a people in this way we can improve our website ranking on Google search page use of google trend for SEO is most beneficial for us.

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Google Trends Keyword Research

Keywords are very important in SEO. It’s very important to choose proper keywords. Google trends help us to figure out keywords. This tool helps us find more and more keywords and after using these keywords we can rank our website’s keywords. Trending SEO Keywords searches help us to identify which keywords are more popular and which less.

Target People By Location

After discovering trending searches we can target people by location, let’s learn this point through an example.Google trends show us results of various regions of the world. If after using google Trends for SEO we discover that some people of a specific region search for particular content, product, or any service, so we can reach those people to fulfil their needs. This process is called target people by location, in this way we can fulfill the need of people and also get benefit for our business website. This process helps us to get more and more traffic on our website in less time.

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Comparing two or more google searches is one of the best features of google trends. In this, after comparing, we can get an idea about which topic is getting more traffic than another one And we can understand the level of demand rise and fall and which trend is growing faster. We can also compare keywords, and we can find more and more keywords through this process. We can compare topics or keywords by the demand of the country or a particular reason. If particular people of particular reason using the same keyword in Google search, so we can add that keyword to our website. So we can reach more and more people, and it helps to boost our website, by using google trends for SEO can make a good difference in our business.

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Predict Future Trend

If we continuously watch trends on Google we can predict the future trend, yes you heard me right, we can predict future trends, we can see the graph of trending searches or google searches if the graph is increasing day by day of particular search then it surely is the future trend, or we can say the particular need of people increasing, so we can use this strategy for our future content.

To Show the Graph On Website

As we all know, we can compare two or more topics in bar or graph form. We can use that work on content if we want to sell some product through a website, so we can show the popularity of that product through graphs and as we all know people trust on reality, so it gets easier to sell your products. And if we show reality to people, or we want to suggest them through our content, then definitely the grapes and bar method makes our content more real and valuable. And the best content makes our website get a higher position in google search pages.

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To Find Related Topics

As we can find keywords on Google Trend we can also find a related topic on Google trend as know we every person on Google search on his own way there are many languages in this world and google allow us to use any language on Google so after studying google searches on Google trend we can found many similar topics to our content we can add these topics on our content, and it helps to reach more and more people throughout the world and more traffic means higher ranking or more visibility of a website.

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Google Trends is a perfect tool for Google to be aware of what trend is people following, and we can also predict future trends. It’s a great SEO tool, by using google trend you will be able to which find you should write content on or what topic users are interested in depending upon the niche. It also what search term (Keyword) users are searching. Google Trends also has a great feature that you can compare different trends and their geographical regions so that if you are planning to write content for a particular area you’ll be able to target location perfectly.