Social Media Marketing Strategy is a term having words ‘Social Media’ and marketing’, Let’s see how it relates and works.

“Social Media”, Woah !! what comes to your mind?Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube ??And ??Well if something else didn’t hit your mind then absolutely you are just a scroller or just use it as an entertainment source.

Am I right? Just Imagine, how many people might be there doing the same as we do. Just scroll the post, have no work just scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling. This is how people are nowadays using social media. Now let’s come to “​Marketing”​. Marketing is selling products or services.

Let’s get straight to the point, We know how traditional Marketing process was like, people use to go door to door and used to sell or let people know that they are providing those services or products.

But as above, we have already seen how much traffic we have on social media, how the news, information spread like the air we breathe; The same way it’s a great platform for businesses to show up and let know more and more people about their services within seconds with millions of people sounds fantastic and so easy? But it’s deeper than this.

Social Media Marketing​ strategy

Social Media Marketing​ (SMM) is all about sharing the content and get much exposure, building up a positive image, brand awareness through
influencing by the business owners for promoting their own products or services by using ​Social Media​ as a tool. Think! Just posting or creating a post and just existence is all we need to run and successfully get business from SMM? Well, it’s not that easy as we are thinking, it also needs consistency, dedication, follow-ups, updates, continuous attention, and lots of tools and strategies to follow. See if we ( our business ) are on social media; our main purpose is to promote our products or services. So to fulfill this you need to pay attention to it.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

  1. Why one will share your posts?
  2. How will you get the maximum number of reach?
  3. How do people trust you and Why?
  4. Why do they buy your services?
  5. How can you build up your strong image on social media to get your targets?

And whatnot! The answer to these questions is in one word that is ” Strategy”.You need to use strategies to make people do what the questions asked above!

For all these queries and to fulfill; all the steps we need to Build our Social Media Existence so as to get profit to our business, one should be following the strategy one needs to follow and take care of! All the brands we see nowadays having great fame has also started somewhere and has gone through this all processes to get there where they are nowadays.

In Fact, they are working from when they don’t have much SMMProfits but need to follow traditional ways. Nowadays A small business or a Bigger one both are using (SMM) SocialMedia Marketing as they know their benefits but SMM doesn’t work the same for all, and to take care of all these factors and strategies there are experts which work for businesses or the brand to meet the actual purpose of SMM. That’s what comes under ​Social Media​​Marketing Business​.

Social Media Marketing Strategy in Business

See not all the Business owners can actually seat all day and can manage their SMM activities every day, nor they are expertise. So to manage all the Social Media Marketing activities potentially to meet their business goals and intentions to use SMM; Social Media MarketingBusiness do exits. Here the Person makes clients so as to manage their ( business ) SMM activity and get paid for their work.

​What’s Next?

Can we be the ones who can manage the SMM activities? What strategies they actually work on to build up the brand’s image, their strong stand and continuous exposure and high reach, reach to potential
targets. Let’s learn the strategies one should use to manage SMM for their clients.


​that work for all types of businesses. ​There are some basic steps to be followed by every business can be seen as follows:

1. Creating Your Identity

See first of all what you need to create is your existence on such powerful platforms.

  1. Create your account or we may say a business account that should represent your business ( products or services ).
  2. It may be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and so on.
  3. Remember to have your own unique​ Logo​ ​Yes it does matter a lot.
  4. Think about a particular theme to be followed like using the same font for every content or image. For eg. If you are a photographer, your feed must be presenting your work in a particular manner.
  5. Keep it ​professional​ as well as attractive. Maintaining your ​professionalism​ is a must to build up​ Trust and ​Reputation.

​See​ , the above-mentioned points to be noted as well as must be followed. And actually everyone is following this basic step

2. Consistency

Now we have our existence but now it’s for our own self or maybe for some known people. But for sure we need potential customers and they can’t be built in a day or two. For that purpose, we need to be consistent with our activities and actions.

What are the activities? Mainly while we create our post which basically relates our products or services; it should be qualitative. Then there should be a schedule to be followed, which will be having planning related to the content you are going to post, Like when, what, why, how? This should be having all the answers related to the when, what, why, how?

For example: If you are having an account on Instagram or Facebook; Then you should be having a schedule and planning that what content you are going to post and especially when ( time ) and yes most importantly why those posts on that time and how ( mainly the captions ) you are going to post it.

And as our heading shows consistency, This schedule should be followed on a regular basis so that the cycle won’t break. You will post the contents, people may like it, share it, comment on it or there might be no activity shown by people. But this consistency will help you to reach people and show up again and again before them in a particular time period so that they will remember you. This is how Consistency works!

3. Quick Response

Once you start to build your image in your viewers, they will start to trust you and they might comment on their views on your post. They may also try to connect to you through messages, e-mails, calls, or the contact details you have provided. Here, a Quick response does work for you. See no one will be requiring the information after a period of time. If you delay in responding to someone’s query or any question within a time period they might lose interest. Or maybe someone else has taken your deal already because of your absence. Exactly this shows how your availability at the right time is required.

4. Emotions Over Information​.

Here’s the game starts; People aren’t interested in you, your brand, your product. In the first place, we have experienced this a lot, no one remembers who you are but they will remember how you make them feel, that’s what lasts forever. This is the most important strategy to use. Content should relate to people’s emotions. Work on how your content can engage them more with their emotions;

For example, You can see different ads on which actually involve things that can make one connection to them. Have you seen that ‘Ads’ of Vim Bar in which the ladies can’t go to watch their children’s match due to the utensils they have to wash before time, See how they relate the Mother’s love and that Vim Bar? So Do focus on it.

5. Different platforms with different intentions

It’s totally fine to concentrate on one thing at one time, but here you have to work on different platforms at a time but you can use them with different intentions like ​Facebook​ is having ​2 billion​ users nowadays and have been a source to make your post more visible and gaining more reach. But at the other end, you can use Instagram or LinkedIn for more professional use as Instagram approximately having 1 billion users account and we can know or track them by the “#” they have used. And you can help them by targeting the right audience which will ultimately be your buyers.

See you have used your Facebook Into to reach more people through Google ads and with the help of Instagram you can track your potential customers, their problems, and their needs and can be available there to them with the right solutions.

6. Metrics involvement to know more about your growth.

Metrics: likes, comments, share all ​such parameters are the ones that can be helpful to analyze your engagement on the right track or not? Well let me remind you why are we reading this and come through so far here; Our The Most Important Target ​IS ​”BUYERS”. If we aren’t concentrating on conversions and are getting off track, there we have analytical tools that can help us know if we are on the right track or not. For example: If we are talking about Instagram. There are ​Insights​ given for business accounts. They include

  • Reach​ No unique account.
  • Profile Visit​ : How many new profiles visited.
  • Impression​ : How many times that post have been seen.
  • Saved​ : How many times the post has been saved by different users.

There are also details about and Women followers %People from which location are more interested. Age Groups more engaging !!So do check on it from time to time.

7. Working Or Not Working?

We might have done all the things from promotion to engaging people but still if it’s not working the way you want it to. Boss you are going to give up soon. But, but, but Stay, This is the Time to fight back and not to give up. Pro tip: Check on your competitors, What are they doing? How are they doing ? Where are we lacking?

    • Check on the contents worked for you to influence your followers.
    • Check on the response of the traffic you are having.
    • Start engaging them;
    • Have question & answer sessions.
    • Ask them about their opinions about your content, your brand.
    • What do they expect from you?

Hope this article on Social Media Marketing Strategy might have helped you.


  • Just remember why you started and keep going with a new strategy that works for you.
  • Remember your goal to have maximum buyers by optimizing your work.
  • Communicate well with your followers and stay in touch with them.
  • If you are using the money for ads and just throwing it everywhere, its more a waste.
  • Social media do have your data what you like to what you hate and that must be helpful to know and hit on your potential traffic.
  • Remember to use it and then add up ads for those audiences.
  • Last but not least little things you haven’t considered, keep yourself updated never give up but work on that.

For more updates stay in touch with us. And if you are looking for practical practices so join our on ​PrimaThink Family ​ and we will train you to grow your brand. Also contact us: If you are looking for expertise to promote your brand on Social Mediaeffectivity. Click on the link given below link: Thank you!

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