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As per the Stats, 45% of small businesses are investing in Pay Per Click Advertising. PPC in Digital Marketing means you have to pay a certain amount of money whenever your Ad gets clicked. PPC Marketing is a lucrative way to drive traffic, no matter what your budget is. Ad Prices are set on bidding, which helps you to be flexible as per your Budget. PPC Marketing is a gateway to reach your right audience, develop brand awareness, Increase ROI, and many more. PrimaThink is a PPC services company that helps you grow faster and generate more ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). We build, plan, optimize and launch a Successful PPC Campaign for our clients.

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What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

PPC, also known as pay-per-click, sets an online advertising strategy where advertisers only pay when someone clicks on an ad. PPC ads can display on websites, search engines, and social media channels. PPC management services, you receive expert management of your PPC plan and campaigns for an assigned fee. This management can include strategy development, bid management, ad copy, and many more things. In order for ads to appear alongside the results on a search engine, advertisers can’t just pay more to assure that their ads perform more prominently than their opponent’s ads

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Why Business Needs PPC Marketing


Reach Your Targeted Audience

SEO grows your page organically, but it takes time, while a PPC campaign can take you to the top within minutes of PPC Campaign creation. PPC is targeted and effective to reach your targeted audience. Through PPC Marketing, you get excess to choose your targeting factors such as location, keywords, demographics, etc. In this way, you reach your potential customer. PrimaThink PPC Services has PPC Experts who have years of experience creating a perfect PPC Campaign for your business.

Converting Customers into Buyers

As per the stats provided by Wordstream, 65% of all users click ads who looking for something to buy. A marketing Funnel is a step-by-step process of guiding a customer to the end goal, i.e. buying your services or products. PrimaThink PPC Services will help you to build PPC Campaign on the purchase intent of the targeted customers. Our PPC management sole purpose is to generate more ROAS for your business.


Increase Brand Awareness

According to Wordstream, 41% of all clicks go to the top three paid ads on search results pages. If you are new in the market, Pay per click advertising is the quick and the best way for you to increase your brand awareness. Through the research, it is said that 30-50% of users are unable to differentiate between paid and organic results. This also helps to elevate your brand and indirectly increasing your Domain Authority.

Drive Traffic and Increase ROI

Pay per Click Advertising generates more ROI than any other form of internet marketing. PrimaThink’s PPC Specialists study the product or services that you are bidding for, then we look for the right keywords with decent bids depending on your total Ads budget. This will allow you to connect with the customer which are interested in your product/service and there’s a great chance that you will generate more ROAS i.e. Return on Ad Spend.

Optimize Your PPC Campaign with Ease

The affordable cost of PPC and quick results gives you a chance to approach your PPC campaign. It’s like A/B testing your ads for a couple of weeks and refining it for better results. PrimaThink PPC service test this type of PPC Campaign and create the best ads that will reach your targeted audience with an affordable budget. Our PPC Specialists has years of experience in creating the best possible PPC Campaign and help your business achieve desired goals.

Trackable Data

Every PPC Advertising gives all the insight you need to know about your PPC campaign. Google Analytics automatically tracks your campaign metrics such as impression, conversion, number of clicks, demographics, conversion, and many more. This insight is crucial for knowing how your Ad has performed. PrimaThink PPC experts present you with all the insights and use the insight of your campaign to create a new and better PPC Campaign for your Business.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Keyword Research and User Analysis

PrimaThink’s PPC experts use a variety of Keyword analysis tools to understand your customer base and predict which type of keywords they will use to search a particular term. We identify those keywords and separate them with search volume, competition, and relevance. Our PPC Specialists constantly evaluate keyword lists to get maximum Outcomes out of them.

Optimizing Landing Pages Conversion

With PrimaThink’s PPC Services increase the quality and the quantity of the leads. We use our SEO tactics to make appealing titles, use keywords with perfectly suit your content, we also craft engaging and quality content, and create a strong CTA (Call to Action) on the landing pages. Our Pay Per Click agency uses the perfect amalgamation of SEO and PPC to land you business quality and great quality leads.

PPC Management Services

PPC services by PrimaThink drive immediate traffic to your landing pages without any hassle. We handle all the stuff ranging from keyword analysis, PPC Strategy, Ads monitoring, PPC A/B testing, to provide you with the full performance insight we also create an appealing title and landing pages to get you quality traffic. Our PPC management services help you to get a high number of conversion.

A/B Testing Approach

We run different ads for your business and analyze the performance of each ad. We compare ads and try to create a new ad that is more effective and has the potential to generate more conversion and more ROI. Furthermore, we create different variations in images, layout, titles and build creative CTA. Our PPC Managers test all the Ads and use the A/B testing approach to built better ads.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The sole motive of any PPC Advertising is to acquire customers at the right time on the right platform and get them to end the process of your sales funnel. Our PPC Agency builds excellent PPC ads, build creative page designs and develop a user-friendly interface for the user and try to acquire quality leads and increase the conversion rate of your Ads.

Social Media Advertising

As per the stats, 54% of online users are heavily involved in using social media. Currently, users find their new products and services through social media. Marketing on Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn can land you a great source of traffic and revenue. PrimaThink PPC is Agency that is highly into social media advertising, we create creative video ads by using fresh tag lines and out-of-the-box ideas.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is a tactic used to serve targeted ads to the users who have already visited your site or have taken certain actions. PrimaThink’s PPC Services is all about giving the best for the business, we identify your top-performing ads and high-value customers and the visitors who have already shown some interest in your product or services. We limit the number of times your PPC ads appear to the same person to remove extra expenses and work in affordable space.

Amazon PPC

Amazon is one of the biggest E-commerce sites in the world, advertising on Amazon can boost your profit by grabbing shoppers’ attention. We use a Proprietary Amazon Artificial Intelligence (AI) advertising management system. Our PPC Advertising agency maximizes keyword matches types and negative keywords. PPC Marketing Amazon PPC helps your product or services to reach your perfect customers and help you grow more business at a much higher rate.

Why Choose PrimaThink

We are an organization of dedicated specialists with expertise and enthusiasm. We transform numerous concepts into reality. Our certified masters in Google Ads Search and Google Ads Shopping. The leading PPC company needs great expertise we are experience certified to create a successful PPC campaign and advertisements that attract and gather visitors and users and transforms them into potential customers forever, and this is how to work to transform and achieve altogether Business needs and complete the comprehensive Business growth. We, at PrimaThinker’s, define and present the most expert and experienced PPC services with advanced care and reach. Our skilled and expert PPC campaign managers team will help you and assist you to cover the efficient Rate On Investments, instant and fast visible results, and targeted traffic of audiences.

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