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The internet is bringing change in society and Social Media is at the forefront of it. Normal Users spend an average of 3 hours on Social Media daily. Social media can make or break your brand value. For any business owner posting regularly on social media is a time-consuming task as it’s very hard for the business owners to regulate their social media in a creative way to engage normal users. No need to worry PrimaThink is at your aid, Our Social Media Posting Services help brands to fully establish themselves as we have dedicated social media team.

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social media posting service primathink
social media posting service primathink

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Posting Service

Social Media is a big sea where if you don’t know how to swim then your efforts are in vain. As a business owner, your day is full of different tasks and if you include Social media posting in it then it will consume much time of yours, and still, it will be uncertain that you will get results or not. Social media is a collective term of many platforms that basically contains Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, and many more. For a business owner, it is very hard to understand the nature of every platform. PrimaThink a Social Media Marketing Company has a unique Social Media Strategy for every platform we examine each platform and built our social media posting strategy accordingly which will surely help you grow your business.

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Some Social Media Statistic You Should Surely Keep Your Eye On

  • A normal User spends atleast 2.3 hours on average time on social media.
  • On average a single user has 7-8 social media accounts.
  • One-third of social media users buy the product they see on social media.
  • More than 80% of medium and small business use social media in some capacity.
  • More than 45% of social media users are of 18-29 demographics.
social media posting service primathink

Our Social Media Posting Services Includes

The Right Platform For You!
Yes, Before going further the most important work we do is to find the right platform with the right audience for you!


In-Depth Research About your Business

Research is the foremost important aspect of building any strategy. At PrimaThink we try to get as much information about your business. We talk to your business executives to get more details about your business. Our Team also studies your previous social media accounts to get the overlook of your existing social media content. For proper strategy building, we also study what’s your competitor doing which helps to plan your social media journey.


Content Creation

Social Media content should not only be creative but also should bring value to the user’s life. Our social media expert team on creating the best content for your business we also design perfect description and hashtags which will help your profile grow organically.


A/B Testing Approach

We don’t go by the same routine as everyone do we test the content, timing, engagement rate, and work according to it. For example, if we do 5 posts per week then we analyze the whole week and examine what type of content brings more engagement, which post has given more number of impression which hashtags are helping more. In this way, we try to build the best social media posting strategy by our A/B Testing Approach.


Optimizing Accounts

There’s always a chance for improvement. Our team constantly looking where they can improve and generate more engagement more impressions for your social media campaign.

Breakdown of Our social Media Posting As per Platform

Facebook Posting service

Regular Feed Posting {Regular Customer Engagement}

Our Facebook posting services include regular feed posting which includes regular creative images well as videos according to the plan you choose for your campaign. This helps users to connect with your brand on a daily basis. We also built images with the current trend so that the Young demographic can relate to it.

Facebook Job Posting

Whenever there’s a Job Vacancy in your company you can go for post vacancy through Facebook jobs just as there are more than 3 billion Facebook users this can bring quality employees for your business.

Facebook Ads

There are millions of small and large businesses on Facebook. Getting your business to the users organically is a tough task as well as it will get much time. Facebook Ads help your business reach an audience that perfectly suits your business. PrimaThink’s Facebook Marketing Service has the perfect way to create amazing Ads which will surely attract new users.

Facebook Event Posting

Many of the businesses don’t know that Facebook has given a separate section for any event posting. Whenever there is an event of your business than our team coordinates with you and create the best of the best event for the company, this activity helps your Facebook to get more likes and reach a wider audience organically.

Facebook Offers Posting

If your business provides service and Product and you are providing some limited offer on it then Facebook is the place to attract customers, build brand awareness, or get rid of inventory to make way for new products. No matter your goal, Facebook Offers gives you a free and unique way to reach your audience.

Instagram Posting service

Regular Feed Posting {Regular Customer Engagement}

Over 1 billion people use Instagram on a daily basis, it’s a great platform to interact with your audience. We at PrimaThink provide regular feed posting as per the plan you choose which helps users to engage with your product/service and help you be the king of your niche.

Instagram Reels Posting

As soon as the many Govt. banned TikTok, Instagram launched its new feature named reels. In which you can post a max 30-sec video. This newly launched feature is the user’s favorite on Instagram. Our Team creates engaging and creative reels by using proper hashtags which reach the right audience organically.

Instagram Ads Service

On Instagram 84% of users shop for products or services from small businesses. We provide Affordable Instagram Marketing Service i.e. Instagram Ads, In this, we create Instagram Ads that help your business discover new users and reach a wider audience. Our Social Media Planner, plans and creates engaging Ads which will perfectly suit your business.

Instagram IGTV Posting

Instagram has a separate segment called IGTV where you can post long videos. If you have any product or services. Our team makes engaging long videos that in-depth explains your different products and services.

Instagram Stories Posting

Instagram Stories are the perfect things to give updates to your users. You can give different updates as well as engage users by asking them different questions. Stories can be a great medium to know users mindset that exactly they want from you. We can also post behind-the-scenes things in the story and short 15 sec videos on stories. Our Social Media management team uses different story features such as Layouts, for little fun videos such as boomerang which keep users engage in a fun way. Our social Media Posting Service drives results.

Twitter Posting service

Customized Tweets Posting

PrimaThink’s Twitter Posting Services will create customized tweets with a trending and creative flavour which will get your business to a wide audience. We will also post on special days. We have a dedicated team for Twitter posting services that make the best tweets for your business.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads helps you target your potential customer i.e. share your message to people you want to reach most by targeting their specific interest, demographics, or activity on Twitter. Twitter Ads helps you amplify your word of mouth i.e. Grow a following of people who talk about your business, recommend your products or services, and share your updates with their own communities. PrimaThink’s Social Media Posting Service Provider understands your business and creates perfect ads.

Twitter Retweets

Retweeting provides others with both social (“nice work!”) Benefits as well as the practical benefit of driving more traffic to their content. It’s a nice thing to do, and (usually) appreciated. We retweet on the tweet which of your business niche this helps with more organic traffic.

LinkedIn Posting service

LinkedIn Regular Posting

LinkedIn has more than 500m users on daily users. It is one of the most used platforms for professional networks. Business on LinkedIn has the huge opportunity to build a professional connection on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn Marketing Services has the perfect team to write valuable content and with correct hashtags to grow it organically.

LinkedIn Ads Posting

LinkedIn can be the best platform to reach your target audience. PrimaThink’s Social Media management Service understands your goal requirement and creates a creative ad and targets the right users and sets the perfect demographic for your LinkedIn sponsored ads to give you the best results. Our Social Media Posting Service will transform your social media presence

LinkedIn Network Building

Network building is a crucial part of making big on LinkedIn. When you build a network on LinkedIn. LinkedIn will find more relevant people to suggest to you for building your network through its People You May Know Feature. Our LinkedIn experts get a deep understanding of your business and its requirement and build a prominent network on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Job Posting

LinkedIn has the most professional crowd. If your business has a vacancy for jobs then Our LinkedIn experts also provide a Job Posting service in which they create a perfect Job post that will attract the right candidates.

Quora Posting service


Quora Profile Creation

PrimaThink “Quora Marketing Service” understands your requirement and builds your brand in a way that sets a perfect tone for the users to interact. Our goal is to make your brand profile unique in some way that if someone discovers your profile they will get what your brand is all about before reading a single word.


Quora Space Creation

Quora Space works like a Facebook group where people answer according to the space niche. It helps users gain knowledge. PrimaThink “Social Media Posting Service Provider” creates a perfect space for your niche where we share about your product/services ask and answer the question accordingly.


Quora Question Posting

Quora is the most popular Q & A platform in the world. Our team understands this and the question of your niche with a maximum explanation that engages the user and brings more organic views to your website. Quora Q & A can prove as the main source of organic traffic to your site.

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