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With more than 300 million users on daily basis. An average user spends almost 2 hours daily on Quora. As per the stats, Quora becomes one of the most important and influential tools to make your brand visible to the users. Primathink provides “Quora Marketing Service” that can help your brand to catch more eyeballs.

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Quora Marketing Strategy

We create your profile, we have the best content marketers for Quora writers having experience of more than 3 plus years which will create engaging and top-notch content that can build an instant connection with the users. Targeting the right people are the key. Our team does the right keyword research that your content reaches the one who needs it. Quora marketing services we provide also comprise paid marketing i.e. ads which help more users to discover your content. We also provide weekly and monthly insights that how your brand is performing and what is working and whatnot.

Quora For SEO

As Quora is a QnA site it is an efficient SEO-friendly tool for keyword research you can research topics and the best writers and content to build your content strategy. When you search particular traffic then Google also shows many results from quora which helps to get more organic traffic.

Quora For SEO primathink

Quora Marketing Services Provided


Building Your Brand

As a human, we have a different personality and a way of communication in the same way brand also have a particular tone of communicating with its user. PrimaThink “Quora Marketing Company” understands this and builds your brand in a way that sets a perfect tone for the users to interact. Our goal is to make your brand profile unique in some way that if someone discovers your profile we will get what your brand is all about before reading a single word.


Brand Growth

Building a brand is one thing and making it stand apart in the crowd is one thing. For this Our Quora Marketing Team makes the weekly plan that what type of content should get the post and what type of audience should be targeted. We also design the content that will force the user to direct your website in this way Quora can be your guiding angel for your website. Growing organically in the huge space is a little tough, so we also work on Quora ads, and we create a campaign that will bring more leads to your business.

Content Creation

Keeping your brand in consideration we choose a relevant topic that can be a perfect match between you and your targeted audience. Our Quora Marketing Team has content writers having experience of more than 3 plus years. We design your content in a way that grabs the attention of the user from start to end. We also end a particular answer on a note that the user will surely respond to you in the comments.

Analytics For Quora

Analytics is a crucial part of any brand as it is important to know what type of audience is interacting. Which demographic is consuming more of your content. What are the keywords that are driving more traffic for me. PrimaThink “Quora Marketing Service” provides you weekly data of what’s working for you and whatnot. Which content brings you traffic and according to this analytics we plan your strategy for the next week or for the month.

Grow Your Business With Quora Ads

Create, measure & optimize your campaigns all in one place.

Marketing on Quora

Quora has more than 300 million active users which the most focused and targeted audience for any business. Quora has an Audience in which 65% are college students 37% are more likely to be a manager. 54% are more likely to make more than $100k. Quora Ads helps you reach this kind of audience which can highly consume your content and can help your brand reach new heights.

Conversation Ads

When your goal is to direct your customer to the landing page of your website, if the user proceeds with a particular task then it said to be a conversion is done. Conversion can be of any type for example you sell a product/service your goal is to sell that service then when any users complete your goal then conversion is done. Our Quora Ads experts target the right people which are likely to marry your product/services. Which ultimately drives more conversion.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of attracting users which are likely to be interested in the type of service you provide. Our Quora Ad experts will you design your campaign in such a way that your campaign will exactly target the perfect audience.

Ads Objective

To create Ads Quora provides us with 5 objectives they are Conversion, Traffic, Awareness, App installs and Lead Generation, App Install, and Lead Generation. We understand your business and your requirement then suggest to you the best possible objective which can make wonders and brings you business.


When your goal is to get more and more visitors to your brand then we use traffic as an objective. Quora’s ads help us to very specific as per the location and demographic that there’s a great chance of getting more visitor from Quora ads rather than Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Meet Your Business goals

Creating Ads is one thing and creating ads that reach the perfect audience which is ready to Mary your product or services. We help you target the audience based on their interest, behaviour, location, and what they are reading. We optimize your Conversion, Clicks, and Impression and gives you real-time reporting.

App Install

“App install” name says it all when your goal is to make user install your app then we use this objective. We design this campaign in a way that the user is more likely to install your App.

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