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A Good SEO practice is the backbone of the behavior of your website in search engine ranking. PrimaThink is the leading SEO service company in India as well as provides service across the globe. Our Search Engine Optimization services help clients to increase the website reach organically as well as generate more ROI. Better SEO is directly proportional to the growth of your business. SEO strategy helps you reach your potential customer and maximize your ROI. As per the stats, more than 3.5 billion searches are made every day and everyone is competing for the top spot, we can guide you to the journey to be at the top with our proper SEO Strategy and keyword research.

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Seo Service Company

Why Your Business Need SEO Services?

SEO is a versatile and long-term profitable term that is a pure Organic concept. Consisting of both the roles of On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Which includes Link Building, Analysis Reports, Keyword Selection, and Optimization. SEO provides a highly visible and effective search appearance that significantly increases Sales profit and cost potential for our customers. Best and Affordable Solutions for all types of Business. Our team strives to boost up the reach and visibility of your Brand. And uplift the growth and sales of your product.

Organic Traffic is the best traffic

PrimaThink’s SEO Service Company focuses on building title tags and meta description by using highly relevant keywords which will attract your potential customer organically and increase your CTR as well as ranking in the process. Voice search is the future, and Primathink knows the importance of voice SEO. If your Content is voice search optimize, it will land you great organic traffic.

SEO Builds Trust and Credibility

SEO is not only about using keywords, it’s about understanding user intent that what exactly a user wants from your content. When your potential customer are searching different terms on search engine (Google SEO) and your content is in the top 5 of the search results it directly establish a trust between you and the users as high rank in SERP suggest google has found your content or website relevant.

SEO Impact On Social Media

SEO and Social Media are bi-directional to each other. As if your website is perfect in its SEO strategies and has great content, and if your potential users will find it relevant then they will definitely share it and this will help you gain social signals. Social media does not directly contribute to SEO ranking, but the links you share across social platforms increase brand exposure.

PrimaThink’s SEO Strategies That Can Completely Change The Way Of Your Business.


SEO Audit

Whenever any client approaches us, the first thing we do is the SEO Audit. With SEO Audit, we get to know what are the things that need to get the cure and what things need a complete makeover. SEO Audit is a basic step of planning the SEO Strategy of any business. PrimaThink’s SEO Service Company analyzes your business and suggest you a perfect roadmap of your journey to the top.


Activity Reports

In real-time it is necessary to work on high scale parameters, but to go with it. Courteously it is needed to understand the flow and its implementation. For that, we need to understand the reports and its necessity. In real-time reports provides us all sort of analytical data including traffic sources and the limitation present in our websites. Which helps us to overcome all details.


keyword Research / Strategy

Keywords research is like oxygen in your On-Page SEO Strategy, It’s an initial thing of developing your SEO strategy. When you are writing any blog or designing any webpage content, you must know what you want to rank for, if you don’t know your parent keyword then you will be unable to rank your content. PrimaThink has the perfect time for your keyword research, we approach content step by step and make your content highly rankable.

Competitor Analysis

Every business has competition, we do competitor analysis to outplay your competitor. Our SEO Specialists analyze your competition, understands your strategy, and create something refreshing for you which will instantly put you above your competition.


Our content speaks what we are and what we do. Having a Digital presence is like a boon but with the actual presence and presenting oneself online in all ways is like a cherry on the Cake. We strive up to bring your Online Presence at its best. Which presents once Business and identity. Building Your identity on the Internet is our responsibility and we are dedicated to it with the eye-catchy On-Page content.



Apart from the On-Page SEO, it is necessary to maintain Off-Page SEO and its relative content. Looking as per the analysis and other terms we can get the benefits of the ON-Page SEO. Check with the content and upload all sorts of information on links available on search Engine Websites. Look for all sorts of websites where we can deal and perform an action to add on details which bring the result to our pages.


Link Building

Linking building is one of the most important tactics for your SEO strategy as off-page SEO gives a signal to the search engine that your site is a quality site. PrimaThink knows the importance of Link building, we build Do-Follow links which are high in domain and Page authority and make your website rank above your competitor.

Mobile SEO

Continuos development and limitless use of mobile device in daily life, Mobile device has become primary device for the use of Internet. Mobile SEO is all about optimizing your website or App for the mobile devices, your business can get highly benefited if it is mobile optimized. PrimaThink SEO Experts builds every website or App mobile optimized.

PrimaThink SEO Services

Global SEO

If you want to target an audience that is all over the globe then you are at the right place. With our Global SEO Service, we will ensure make your business to your targeted audience. We use different SEO Strategies and out-of-the-box thinking, you will be able to get the right amount of traffic and clients.

Local SEO

If you own a small business and want to grow locally, PrimaThink can help you with our local SEO service we optimize your business that it gets visible easily to the local. We also optimize your GMB (Google My Business). These tactics can help your business familiar with the local and gets you more traffic and generate more ROI.

SEO For E-Commerce

E-commerce SEO is all about optimizing each and every product of your website. PrimaThink’s E-Commerce SEO service comprises many SEO tactics which will perfectly start your E-commerce journey and puts you on the map with desired traffic and more ROI.

Why PrimaThink

PrimaThink is the best SEO Service Company in India. We have years of experience in handling clients of different niche and successfully helping them in ranking their website and generating high traffic and ROI. Whenever we deal with any client our team takes multiple meetings with the client to understand their vision and provide them 24 X 7 service. Our SEO Service has helped many businesses to grow their business and outplay their competitors. We also build quality links that have high Domain & Page Authority that help google to trust your site more and help to rank easily.

Appear At the Front Page of Google!

Well everybody wants to rank on top on search engines. But in the meantime, it is equally important to follow the Google parameters. And increase the ranking in the proficient way of Organic SEO. We are the master to perform that process. And we take efforts and dedication to rank you on top and appear on the right and front page of Google.

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