Everyone must have heard about​​ Darwin’s theory about Digital Transformation;

“Survival of the fittest “

​Exactly in the same way; where the world is going one needs to transform digitally. It’s not limited to just digital technologies but it’s a broad concept. It does apply to each and everything. Not only IT but also to all from a normal daily life schedule to the biggest projects. Everything is transforming digitally.

We are going to see further how does it become an essential factor for everyone to survive, compete, and do make an impact of existence.

What is Digital Transformation?

It’s all about simplifying things and make it easier for everyone. For eg. Firstly the computer was being used for complex calculations ultimately to simplify it for users.

What is a computer?

The answer is ​A Digital Device​ . Later on, the computer gets to change into something we are using today for performing multiple tasks.

Isn’t it a Digital Transformation?

From the 90’s era to now 21st century. How things are already developed.

Firstly we need to go from one place to another place by walking miles to get an education. Now we can get everything on just online, we don’t even need to go out of our home.

This digital transformation has made those miles as air mills that can give air and that can be spread everywhere.

The above-given example was of just education; We have Siri, Alexa, etc to give commands to follow our instructions. We don’t even need to start our AC’s, that can be done automatically or now we don’t need to go out of our bed to switch on or off the light. Everything can be done in ease, digitally. That’s how Digital Transformation is going on on their path and everything is being digital and one needed to go with the flow and need to update themselves with updating digital transformation.

It’s an ultimate term in the business world. Nowadays everyone is having their Digital existence, it may through websites or social media or other mediums but small businesses are also showing their existence here. And thus the competition is not only being tough for the bigger ones but also the small businesses and the newcomers.

Why one needs to be updated with such Digital Transformation?

  • One needs to survive.
  • To compete.
  • To stand out.
  • To increase their sales
  • Their Business To understand
  • To simplify the complex business processes.
  • And if it’s helping to come up then why not?
  • If it’s ultimately helping to make things reliable, profiting, time bounding.
  • Providing actionable intelligence.

Fast enough to change and succeed in a fast-changing environment.

Elements or Components to be taken care of!

  1. One needs to be expertise to access all the data they already have.
  2. One should have a vision to proceed.
  3. A Strategy should be ready before anything to follow.
  4. Should be ready to adapt asap.
  5. An entrepreneur​ should need to wear the customer’s shoes to understand how’s their psychology works.
  6. New technologies should be a learner and should be used as soon as possible to come up with the time and competition.

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