Please start the automatic mode. It’s our general request now, we don’t want to do repetitive tasks that can be done automatically and this is what their is need of Marketing Automation.

From manual to Automatic all we grew up! That’s what people are doing in Marketing too. Everyone needs less struggle but more output, isn’t it and why not?

The World is already being Digital and everything is just one click away. One-click and boom your order done; one click and you can talk to anyone, one click and hey wait we are more in advantage now. Alexa, please play “Bekhayali” (just because trending).

See how the world being ​Digital Automatic World​. People do set alarms, and it does wake you up guys daily at the same time without failure; no human can do it daily, it’s not possible.

This is why people using this Automation technique in their business, marketing sectors mainly to help their business and marketing grow, and they should not need to do those tasks repetitively.

What is Marketing Automation​?

  • Everything that is going automatically so that to do multiple things in a time-bound period.
  • To not involve working staff in this work that once and just need to repeat it exactly.
  • save time.
  • for save effort.
  • have more output or to generate more ROI.
  • To do different additional work required for marketing at the same time these things is automatically.

How Automatic Marketing Can be done?​

Automatic marketing help it by using software and various tools available to minimize the human error.

Various campaigns can be run at the same time by using such software or tools that can help integrate all the platforms and work on it.

What process follows  further. But what marketing automation contains good things here. While we are sending texts, emails to targeted customers, we don’t send it to them personally and one by one.

  • This is good simultaneously.
  • For Targeted customers should be  into consideration.
  • Analysis of customer’s behavior with products and services.
  • Time to time reminders.
  • Relevant content to be written and should be sent on scheduled time and date.
  • Conversion rates.
  • And CRM (customer relationship management) is the main segment to be worked on.
  • schedules and strategies should be run by Automatic Marketing tools or software.

Various tools or software that can be used for Automation Marketing:​

There are so many tools available that can be so helpful regarding Marketing Automation. You can have a look at our previous blog which has details on ​20 +tools​.

Here are some given:

  1. Litmus
  2. Mailchimp
  3. Marketo
  4. Delivera
  5. Hubspot
  6. There are many with their features.

Some features that are offered by such tools and how they help.

  • Designs, influential templates.
  • Such templates which have been designed according to different industries.
  • Analysis reports on customer behavior with our service or products.
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Clicks tracking
  • Landing pages
  • Conversion
  • All reports
  • media access with just one platform like email, SMS, Facebook, other social media platforms at the same time.
  • It helps in more engagement with customers.
  • Maintains the cycle of sales.
  • Continuously present
  • Directly, indirectly helps to stay in connection with all the customers.
  • CRM and CXM are the main keys to take care of!
  • Allows to work on what’s working, by knowing the data and interests of users, we can target relevant services or products to get more conversions.

The above given are the features of the tools we can use for our campaigns related to our strategy or marketing schemes; that can ultimately help to get more sales and optimize our work.


  1. There are infinite benefits of marketing automation.
  2. More specific traffic.
  3. For Work-based on Demand and supply.
  4. We work on what’s important.
  5.  don’t go off-topic as we know the needs of our customers.
  6. know their genders through our tools so that we can connect with them easily.
  7. It’s ultimately AI i.e. artificial intelligence with less or no human errors.
  8. Time-bound goals achieved.
  9. More conversion rates.
  10. Real-time tracking helps to trigger the sales.
  11. It helps to stay in connection with the customers to build trust.
  12. All information regarding everything to make strategies or Improve them.
  13. Multiple mediums, multiple contacts, multiple work, everything simultaneously.
  14. Specific campaigns can be run for specific and Targeted people.
  15. Told ya, infinite benefits if you use all the tools in aright and smart way.

While some tools give free trials; some do give some services free but for limited Contacts like2000 emails / 250 contacts/ month. Or might give you A/B testing free services or different services for a limited free trial.

Click here​ to read in detail about marketing automation tools and their features.

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BCA Project Topics Selection Steps

Candidates who have pursued Bachelor of Computer Applications applications will have to submit a project report as part of their syllabus. The key steps in developing the project are technology selection, topic selection, summary creation, project coding, and project report writing in the areas of embedded systems, on-demand business transformation, online customer decision support, etc.

Steps for BCA project selection

Step 1: Technology selection

Before choosing a topic, candidates should analyze the latest versions of the technology available and select the viable ones as per their requirements. Some of the well known technologies used in project development are .NET, SGL Server, Oracle, PHP and Java.

Step 2: Subject Selection

After selecting the right technology, candidates should decide the specific area of ​​study in which they want to create the project / software. It is better to choose subjects that meet all the criteria mentioned by the university as well as the requirements of the industry. Candidates can seek advice from their teachers / mentors.

Step 3: Create a summary
At this stage the candidates should learn the technical side of the subject. As a part they have to follow the software development cycle. They should learn the functional and impractical aspects of the project. They are advised to keep in mind the university guidelines while writing the summary.

Step 4: Project coding
Candidates can avail technical assistance at this stage. They will have to start the second phase of project development.

Step 5: Project Report
This is the last step, in which candidates are required to prepare a project report. It should contain the entire design documentation. A good project report can be copied to a compact disc as well as a hardbound copy as required by the university/institution.

Our expertise teaches things properly about project development. They believe in deep knowledge and also take more practice in coding. They focused on all the core things which you will understand properly.

BCA Final Year Project Topics:

  • Hotel Management System VB Net
  • Human Resources Management System VB Net
  • Inventory System VB Net
  • Membership Management System VB Net
  • Patient Care System VB Net
  • Send SMS To Cell Phone Through SMTP Mail VB Net
  • Trainee Management System VB Net
  • Cryptographically Using Secure Server/Client Protocol VC++

For more details or queries contact us

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