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In 2021, India has 624 million Internet users and the number is expected to be 970 million users by 2025. This is a huge opportunity for the aspirants to dive in and learn the art of Digital Marketing. A career in Digital Marketing has huge potential, and this industry is growing at a rapid size. The Pandemic has also worked as a catalyst in the growth of the Digital Marketing niche. PrimaThink is Digital Marketing Company Provides Free Digital Marketing Internship across India this Internship program ranges from 3-6 Month in which we ensure you with the Basic to Expert level practical learning by working on live client and in the end, we provide you with the Internship Certificate that will help you Grab Job in such a competitive space.


Why should you Join Our Digital Marketing Internship?

Digital Marketing is the need of the hour, every business small or big needs some sort of digital marketing. In this Internship program, you will learn about various aspects and techniques in detail. It’s a saying that experience is the best teacher and this internship program will lay the basic foundation for you to get industry ready and the best of this internship is you can pursue it part-time while being an engineering student or whatnot. It’s a win-win situation for every intern that they will learn all the stuff which will provide them solid experience and make them confident to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. Join us and experience Digital Marketing you haven’t experienced before.


What You Learn in Our Internship Program?


On-Page Optimization

On-Page SEO is a technique used to optimize web page content to improve its ranking. Before starting the Internship program, we check your ability with a small assessment test and after that. We give you different tasks and that task also gets discussed in a weekly 1-o-1 class. Primathink Free Digital Marketing Internship has designed all the tasks in such a way that it will give interns a broad perspective and build their confidence wherever they apply for a job.


Content Marketing

We all know Content is the king, but what we don’t know is how to make that content really stand apart and make it a legit King. At PrimaThink we have Content Marketing team having years of experience. There will be a lecture where our content marketers teach you from how to think to how to make your content work. As we have already said, experience is the best teacher, they will share all their experience with you so that you will get years of experience just in few hours.


Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page SEO is a technique used to improve the ranking of the website by link-building. On-Page and Off-Page SEO go hand in hand more the link building better the chances of ranking your content. In this Internship, We teach all interns from basics to expert level. What measures they should take while creating Backlinks and whatnot. This internship will completely change your perspective on digital marketing.


Social Media Marketing

No one can deny the power of Social Media. Social Media alone has the power to take any business to the next level. So the question that pops into every marketer’s mind, how to make the best use of Social Media. Primathink’s Free Internship Program is all you need to get a clear view of all the how’s of Social Media Marketing. We teach you from how to analyze client’s businesses to how to create an effective strategy for them. It also includes How to plan content for the Social Media campaign.

Why Should One Join Our Digital Marketing Internship Program?

A simple question that pops up in every student’s mind is why should they join us? In our 3-6 months internship program, we tap into all segments and give a broad perspective to all the interns. For working on any module, we organize a simple assessment to check your understanding of the particular topic and plan all the tasks accordingly. Every task is followed by a detailed discussion to clear all the doubts. With this Free Digital Marketing Internship, Primathink aims to create good Digital Marketers and help interns to think digital marketing is a legit career option.

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