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What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is “Search Engine Optimization.” methodology in general use to acquire traffic from the “free”, “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on the search engine also called as SERP result. The main focus of building and growing the strategies to follow and lead the market with the all type of SEO parameters implementing on your websites. Development and targeted promotion of remarkable content that fulfils your needs by achieving, improving and maintaining the visibility of your web presence.

Types Of Search Engine Optimization


Organic Search

The results displayed by search engine without paying any cost which are natural results. Hence to get the best possible onwards and upwards and increasing the visibility of your Results are said to be as Organic Search.

On-Page SEO

The technical terms applied to rank on the main page to get the best results. To increase and boost the rank of pages with respect to Search Engine. Getting the best possible results as per the parameters of the website.

Link Building

SEO contains multiple forms out of which Link Building is a way to gain more traffic. And thus increase reach in your audiences. However, it makes your profile more strong and increases the page authority to gain more leads.


On Page SEO checklist


Website structure


Remove blank pages


Keyword research


Check in-bound and out-bound links


Xml site map and robots.txt


Fix website broken links


Conversion Optiomization


Set appropriate heading structure


Find duplicate contents


Competitor analysis


Maps Search Optimization


Write or rewrite title and meta description

Components of Search Engine Optimization

Bring a lot of traffic to your web site with the assistance of latest well-tried techniques we are able to provide


Page Titles

Titles specifies the complete information which is to understand by user.

Meta Description

The management of keywords as per the limits plays a vital role to follow.


The keywords followed should be use wisely in head section.


A file which loads the complete ways to understand the website and functionality.


Use of Media into Articles

Search engines find your article as a top quality article. that facilitate your internet ranking.

Use Keywords in Article Title

Use main keywords in the title so search engines read finds them simply.

Use H1 part, H2 & H3

Size heading elem ents square measure wont to confirm necessary components of an internet page.

Use Internal Linking

Internal linking is a good methodology to extend SEO perform ance.


PA and DA are high

Determining the standard of a web site or journal crucial the quality of a web site or blog on search engines.

Relevant anchor text

Having relevant anchor text can create the domain Having relevant anchor text can create the domain authority higher.

Permanent Backlinks

We will produce valuable backlinks that we are going to produce valuable backlinks which will not be deleted.

Do follow status

A link that tells search engines to follow the meant page.


Keyword research

Keyword analysis is one among the foremost vital, valuable, and high come activities within the search promoting field.

Choose optimization keywords

Keyword analysis for SEO is non-negotiable. Your SEO performance and your web site traffic depend upon it, and also the growth of your business is progressively tied to that

Sort keywords by low/high competitiveness

You must begin by finding keywords with low competition. you’ll slowly move up to higher competition keywords.

Analyze keywords that are used by competitors

Need to start from scratch to identify all of the potentially relevant competitors.


Total Visit

website range of organic traffic can increase.

Visit period

website quantity of your time spent in an exceedingly web content

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate can decrease i.e., folks can begin taking action within the website.


International Ranking

Traffic rank of the positioning, as compared to any or all different sites within the world.

Native Ranking

Traffic rank of the website, as compared to any or all different sites within the native space.

class Ranking

Traffic rank of a website, as compared to any or all different sites in this class.


Code optimisation

For best performance, we’ll recommend minifying the codes.

Image optimization

Cut back the size of the pictures which will enable the website to load quicker.

Keyword optimization

Optimize keywords for various search engines.

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