SEO Training In Nagpur

SEO Training In Nagpur, PrimaThink provide SEO classroom training in Nagpur. Digital Marketing Training In Nagpur can be termed as an approach, strategy or a branding and marketing exercise using digital platforms at PrimaThink.

✓Real-Time Project Training ✓ Min 3 months Training ✓ Learn from Industry Expert, ✓ 100% Placement Assistance

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a process of optimizing the website for organic or free traffic. Search Engine Optimization technique is widely used for increasing visibility of your website in search engine. SEO is a very valuable skill in today’s digitalized world, PrimaThink provides best SEO training in Nagpur. Our SEO professional team is here to help your business grow and meet business objectives.

Every business is expecting a higher rank in search engine result pages (SERP). Because of higher rank drives, more traffic ultimately more conversion. Without any advertising, SEO can generate lead and conversion. For keeping yourself in a race, SEO is very necessary.

Why SEO Training In Nagpur?

In this digital era, everyone is habitual to the internet. We can also say that without the internet our life is quite impossible. Before decade, businesses are focusing only on offline marketing. They involve offline marketing techniques for awareness and branding. This method is limited to reach. However, as we say in this digital era, businesses are promoting their business through online marketing.

Benefits of SEO Training In Nagpur

  • A detailed and deeper knowledge of SEO techniques
  • Our faculty is updated and provide factually correct information
  • The trainee gets one-on-one interactions with trainers that help them to understand it in a better way
  • Coaching on live projects
  • 100% Job placement assistance.
  • Boosts your internet marketing skill
  • Teaches to maintaining high ranking on the search engine
  • Don’t need a specific qualification to our join SEO training
  • This training gives you amazing job opportunities
  • You can work for your own business and for clients from home
  • Opportunities to work as a freelancer

Modules of SEO Training In Nagpur

Introduction to SEO

SEO stands for search engine marketing. we will look at what is SEO? and how SEO works?

What is Search Engine and their Algorithms

In this topic, we talk about how search engines algorithms work.  

Types of SEO

There are three types of SEO 1. White Hat SEO 2. Black Hat SEO 3. Gray Hat SEO

Techniques of SEO

There are two techniques of doing SEO; 1. ON-Page 2. OFF-Page

How they are used?

ON-Page and OFF-Page SEO techniques used for increasing authority, visibility and Alexa rank of a website. Nowadays, SEO is used for increasing ROI.  

Competitive analysis

Competitive analysis means analyzing the strengths and weakness of competitors. It helps us to build strategies.

Content writing

Content writing is nothing but creating engaging content for the topic given by the client. It is an effective way of promoting your services or new launching products.  

What you need before Starting SEO

Before starting SEO for any website, we need to do some work like Google Analytics Audit, Keyword Research, Competition Research, On page Audit, Content Audit, etc.  

Importance and need of Keyword research

A search engine is showing result related to the keyword entered by the user. Keyword research is a very first and important step in SEO.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO refers to optimizing your site for various portable devices like mobile, tablet and laptop. Near about 97% of people are preferred mobile.

Various tools Google search console, Google analytics etc

Google analytics is using for research purpose like demographics, a device used, conversion, web traffic report, etc. Google search console Crawl Errors, Search Queries, HTML errors, Fetch as Google, etc.  

Overview of various Internet Marketing

Internet marketing means marketing your business, product or services using the internet. Various internet marketing includes email marketing, pay per click, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.  

Local SEO

Local SEO is a very effective way of marketing your local business. It helps to promote your brand and services for a local customer.  

Effective SEO strategies

Now SEO is adopted by every business. We teach you how to use it effectively.  

Why PrimaThink is best for SEO Training In Nagpur?

PrimaThink is the best and advanced SEO training provider in Nagpur, India. We have both professional and industrial experience. We provide services and training for businesses, professionals, and job seekers. We have a proven track -record in search engine optimization and search engine marketing for our clients. Search engines update and improve their ranking algorithms frequently and SEO experts we keep themselves updated. We go through each topic of search engine optimization in detailed. There are many SEO training institutes available in all over India, but when we said effective and updated techniques, the only king is PrimaThink. We also provide Digital Marketing training, which helps to grow your business on digital channels.

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