React JS Training In Pune

Learn React JS Training In Pune including new features like hooks, context, error-boundaries, portals, etc

  • Work on projects and assignments along with Mentors
  • Master Components, JSX, State Management, Routing, Hooks and much more
  • Develop rich internet applications using React and Redux

Why should you learn React?

React has become one of the foremost common and economical JavaScript side libraries over time. Developed within the labs of Facebook, React aids in curating apps with additional ease, measurability, and strength. this is often the rationale why most organizations like exploitation React and there’s a large demand for React consultants and developers.

How do you get started with React?

Begin your journey towards changing into a React professional by enrolling during this course, that is predicated on Version sixteen. Loaded with an entirely new set of options, mastering React sixteen has become necessary for those following a career in frontend development.
Our course can function as a window into the world of React and front end development. PrimaThink learning sessions can teach you all about the architecture, components and also advanced concepts concerned in building wealthy web applications using React.JS, Flux, and Redux. you may also master the art of making and deploying dynamic front end applications using React features like component design, data binding, declarative views, universal apps and far a lot of. it’s job-oriented and at par with the most recent advancements within the field.

What you will learn?

1. React 16.8

This is a Classroom training program with all the new features of newly published React 16.8

2. Explore ES6 & beyond

Get concepts of advanced JS beginning with ES6 and go ahead with extra versions

3. JSX

Learn how to code UI applying declarative syntax JSX

4. Components

Build components, decay UI into tinier components and make them make more considerable pages

5. State management

Learn how to maintain state in react applications and most useful exercises

6. Code splitting & Lazy loading

Recognize the need for code splitting and understand how to achieve the same

7. Hooks & context

Use the advantages of hooks to control function components with the state, growth cycle and connection access

8. Routing

Learn How to implement routing in react application utilizing react-router

9. Isomorphic React

Learn the advantages of universal react and how to execute

10. Unit testing

Learn how to unit test react applications using jest & enzyme

11. Setup up react with webpack

Learn how to create a react development environment from scratch utilizing webpack

12. Debugging

Learn how to debug react applications utilizing chrome and Visual Studio code

13. Dev Tooling

Learn how to get the advantage of react and redux devtools

14. Bundling

Learn the bundling process and optimizations utilized by the create-react-app build

Who can attend

Those who want to learn client-side web development and apply it on large web apps
Candidates who intend to use react to build robust and scalable SPAs
All those who aspire to build a career in front end Web Application development

PrimaThink Experience


Immersive ClassRoom training with a combination of theoretical training, hands-on practices, group discussions, assignments,


Ask questions, get explanations, and engage in discussions with tutors and other participants.


Get Mentored by Industry practitioners having more than 10 years of experience.


Understand the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of a subject. Simplify the subject matter and get in-depth comprehension.


Get reviews and timely feedback on your assignments and projects from professional developers.


We insist on learning the concepts through examples and support you in building a portfolio of projects through the course of training.


Free lifetime enrolment in our PrimaThink Family For Any type of issues you have, any kind of topic you have to discuss with our experts


The Curriculum goes through various levels of design and pattern by the experts to keep topics/modules to fit everyday advances in technology.


Learn to use collaborative factors to share opinions and enhance your coding skills with the assistance of the instructors and other participants.


Introduction to React
Learning Objective: Understand how react makes things perform, learn how to set up, run and debug a react app. Topics:
  • What is React?
  • Why React?
  • React version history
  • React 16 vs React 15
  • Just React – Hello World
  • Using create-react-app
  • Anatomy of react project
  • Running the app
  • Debugging first react app
Hands-on: Install create-react-app and create a new react project.
Templating using JSX

Learning Objective: Understand the significance of JSX and know its syntax and features.


  • Working with React. createElement
  • Expressions
  • Using logical operators
  • Specifying attributes
  • Specifying children
  • Fragments

Hands-on: Create JSX expressions with different javascript expression, apply CSS via className and styles, use conditionals.

It's all about components

Learning Objective: Understand the significance of component architecture and learn how to decompose UI into components and compose them back to make UI.


  • Significance of component architecture
  • Types of components
  • Functional
  • Class-based
  • Pure
  • Component Composition

Hands-on: Create class-based and functional components.

Working with state and props

Learning Objective: Learn how to manage state in class-based react components and how to make communication between components using props.


  • What are the state and its significance
  • Read state and set state
  • Passing data to component using props
  • Validating props using propTypes
  • Supplying default values to props using
  • default props

Hands-on: Create a stateful component and a stateless component. Pass data from parent component to child component using props. Implement child to parent communication using callbacks.

Rendering lists

Learning Objective: Learn how to render lists and use key props.


  • Using react key prop
  • Using map function to iterate on arrays to
  • generate elements

Hands-on: Create component which renders lists iteratively using map function of the array.

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