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Nowadays Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. A picture can say lots of things. The Image you share is a bridge between you and your customer. It’s not only about posting pictures regarding your services but it’s way more than that. Your customer wants to see more inside things about your brand. People love to get engaged in the activity which goes behind the scene. Marketing through Instagram (Instagram Marketing Service) has become a game-changer for many brands.

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Why Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram has more than one billion active users per month, of these users, the majority of users are of young demographics. More than 60% of users say that they have discovered new things on Instagram on a daily basis. With the introduction of IGTV there is an increase of 80% in time spent on watching videos. More than 200 million + users visit at least one business profile daily. ⅓ of the most viewed stories are of the business profile.

Let’s dig deep into, How PrimaThink will help you to take your Instagram marketing to the next level:

Before Kick-starting the whole process Our social media specialist start working on the following things:-

1. Competitor Analysis:-
With the Competitor analysis, Our team analyzes the strength and weaknesses of your competition. This analysis provides both defensive and offensive to create a strategy. All together this thing helps to put you above your competition.

2. Reputation:-
With Reputation Management, Our analyst gets to know where your brand actually stands in the sea of Instagram and the areas of improvement which will help you to make it more engaging.

3. Your Instagram Background:-
If the client is previously active on Instagram this analysis helps us to know the views of users that used to visit your profile. This analysis gives a great scope of improvement.

Our Services Include:-

1. Building Brand Awareness
2. Social Media Engagement
3. Earning Followers
4. Creating Word of mouth referrals
5. Interacting with the followers
6. Driving traffic
7. Building Trust.

Why PrimaThink:-

1. High quality and result oriented Service
2. Effective and real-time communication
3. Consistent track record and timely project execution
4. Cost-effective

PrimaThink love to make the Client fall in love!

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