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Is your business on Social Media? If the answer is No, then you are missing the huge number of audiences that are ready to accept your product/services. The Internet has more than 4.66 billion users, of which 3.725 are active social media users. On average, daily time spent on social media is 142 minutes a day, This is the golden opportunity for all businesses to enjoy the fruitfulness of social media. Social Media has the power to take your business to the next level, but the question is how to do that? PrimaThink is a Social Media Marketing Company, With our affordable Social Media services, you can easily grab the attention of your targeted audience.

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Social Media Marketing & Management Services

In-Depth Research About your Business

First thing first, research is the most important step of building any brand on social media. PrimaThink has social media experts that analyze your business in-depth. We also study your previous social media channels to get a wholesome idea of your current social media plans. Our Social Media experts look into the whole market and perform competitive analysis so that we will be able to make the best social media strategy for your business.

Finding the Target Audience

After performing an in-depth analysis of your business. Hitting the right note with the target audience is all a successful social media campaigns needs. We gather the whole data of your previous audience and study their behavior and interaction cycle with your business. This helps to filter the best possible potential customer for you. Primathink’s affordable Social Media Marketing Company has all the ingredients to make your business shine and keep it way ahead of its competition.

What Audience Wants?

Have you ever wonder why some brands are ruling social media, what’s the secret behind it? The secret is they know what their potential customer wants from them. To tackle this, We have a team of social media analysts that studies your audience behavior and looks for the gold mine that will help you gain more followers in no time. Our Social Media Marketing Agency has the best team of graphic designers that designs creative and over-the-top designs for your potential audience that will keep them entertained.

Re-Establishing the Broken Communication

All Social Media Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and what not has their own algorithm. 90% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels. That’s where PrimaThink’s A/B testing approach comes into play. We try different types of image posts, reels, and long video’s analyses between them that which one is performing better and then plan the whole social media strategy accordingly we also create different types of graphics and try different types of timing, so we can figure out the best plan and timing at which will be able to reach many audiences and get the best engagement with your users.

Content Creation

We always hear one thing that content is the king, but in the world of social media, content that engages the audience is the king. Primathink’s has the best social media content creators that have years of experience in creating out-of-the-box content that engages the audience as well as helps to open limitless boundaries to flourish your business. Primathink’s Affordable Social Media Marketing company has the right team and strategies to take your social media campaign to the next level and help you generate more revenue.

Social Media PPC

Instagram alone has more than 1 billion active monthly users. No matter how good your social media strategy is, it is possible you could be lost in the shuffle. For this, you need to expand your reach as much as you can, for this we run social media ads on different social media platforms. The best way to have a successful social media presence is to use the amalgamation of both paid and organic approaches. PrimaThink’s Social Media PPC experts build the best campaign in which we target the right audience and help you gain more followers, engagement, and revenue.

WordPress Responsive Design

User visits the website using different types of devices such mobile, PCs, Tablets so it is very crucial that your websites should be responsive. Our WordPress Developers build a responsive website for any device which will look elegant in any type of device the user used.


We have developers which are technically strong and has the experience of many years to fit your requirement. Our team will be 24X7 connected to you for any hindrance if occur and will be fixed within the time limit boundaries.

Why Choose PrimaThink Web Development Service

PrimaThink has years of experience in building the social media presence of numerous brands. We have the best social media experts and content creators who are well aware of the pulse of the audience and know to hit the right notes with the users. Primathink’s Affordable social media marketing service provides 24X7 assistance to businesses. We know how to scale business on social media. Your business is our priority.
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